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Rainbow Mapping

Advanced trauma reconditioning and mind, brain, body self-awareness tools used by mental health professionals across the world in their work with thousands of clients.

Now available on a not-for-profit open access basis through this new website and companion YouTube channel.  

Watch & read free online training modules for professionals, clients and interested members of the public on:


The Rainbow Map



Legacy Behaviours

Avoidance Theory

Watch mental health professionals share their experience of working with  Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts.

Watch a short introduction by Andrew Thomas to the Rainbow Map and this website.

Rainbow Mapping Publications

Over 700 professionals trained, their feedback includes:

"Adaptable for integrative practice with individuals, couples and young people"

"Useful for emotionally dysregulated clients and working with trauma."

"Fits well into the Polyvagal Theory and EMDR"

"Ties in nicely with my attachment/EFT based practice."

"I practice Gestalt psychotherapy and like the overlap with phenomenological enquiry."

"I've read through and watched all the modules and found them so helpful. I used the Rainbow Map on myself then I did it with a friend and she had a light bulb moment. I am a qualified counsellor, thank you so much for this resource I would like to also do it with a group from my Instagram account as it needs to be shared. Thank you"

Training delivered by  

Andrew Thomas MBACP (Accred) and Colleagues through a range of recorded modules and supporting PDF's.

Enquire about holding a live zoom based workshop on Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts at no cost for charities and a charitable donation by commercial organisations.*

Please share this free resource if you think it might be of use to colleagues.

*Charities and not-for-profit organisations pay nothing and can offer a zoom based Rainbow Mapping workshop as free training to their volunteers. Other organisations donate their normal fee paid to external trainers to a charity for young or homeless people.

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