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Who, how and why?

Andrew Thomas (BSc (Hons), MSc, MA, MBACP Accred, MAPA.

​Knowing that my colleagues and their clients are benefiting, both directly and indirectly, through their flexible and creative experience of Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts has been the most rewarding experience of my professional life to date.


​I run this website on a not-for-profit basis to support the widest access to high quality training, in terms of financial means. It is my hope that it helps as many people as possible to meet their ongoing training time requirements  mandated by our professional associations. 

The support, encouragement and feedback from fellow psychotherapists and counsellors have motivated and influenced me and probably explains why this work resonates with professionals practising in virtually all mainstream modalities.


From 2015 my colleagues took an interest in my work and in particular the Rainbow Map, the first tool. To my surprise and delight increasing numbers started to integrate aspects of my work.

Since 2014, I have devoted thousands of fascinating hours to the development of Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts such as the Rainbow Map, the Legacy Behaviour Experience and Avoidance Theory.

The guiding values in both sections of my career have centred on sharing knowledge, expertise, and power in a collaborative way. Central to this approach has been the use of everyday language in my work and finding ways to make complex theory and practice transparent and accessible. 


Today I split my time between working in private practice and ongoing research, development and training associated with the Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts which I have transferred to this website.


I started my training in 2009 when I was 48 having left my consulting roles to focus on the voluntary sector. I took a placement with Relate and gained an MA in Couple and Family Therapy.


The picture below is the best my daughter could do in terms of getting me to smile to camera!

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